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Charles Howard Director, Kaon Interactive, Los Angeles

"Louis is a brilliant writer/creative director with an exceptional creative vision for narrative storytelling. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Louis on several award winning projects and he always inspired the team with bold ideas and refreshing creative solutions. His command of visual media and how it can best service a client’s needs continues to impress me. His work ethic is paramount with a tireless attention to detail and excellent communication skills to guide the production team well beyond what they thought the project could be. "

Ben Hoyt Founder & CEO, 47 Games, Los Angeles

As a Producer it’s always nice to have a strong visionary guiding the creative direction of a project and Louis fits that description in every respect. I particularly respected the way that Louis took ownership of a large and complicated project for a highly technical client. He rolled-up his sleeves and dove-into a mountain of client product information in order to digest their message and distill it down to something that would be engaging and educational. ​ I was also impressed by the breadth of Louis’s creative skills, which ranged from writing copy for interactive experiences and scripts for action-packed films; working with storyboard artists and UX designers; and directing live cinematography and being an off-camera interviewer. He did all of this and more on a single project when we worked together.

Guenter Schrotzhammer CEO, GS Consulting, Munich

“I had the pleasure of working with Louis and to get to know him as a very reliable, creative, and thorough colleague. His work ethic is extraordinary and the results he delivers are extremely supportive to ones efforts. His input was always highly appreciated and valued.”

Sandy Moore Marketing Manager, Harris Corporation, Melbourne, Florida

Louis Anastas isn't just a brilliant and precise Creative Director but also an inspiring person. He was a crucial contributor to our multi-million dollar, extremely time-constrained project. Besides being a joy to work with, Louis is a take-charge person who is able to ingest highly complex concepts and quickly provide creative interpretations that both engage and inform the target audience. I found him easy to work with, demonstrative of great expertise as well as deep knowledge of creative business solutions. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking Creative Director but also an inspiring team player. Louis Anastas has my highest recommendation.

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Early on, I learned from the best — including Oscar-nominated documentary filmmakers — who showed me what authentic work is all about. It’s this passion, curiosity, and forward-looking vision I bring to every project, along with a deep understanding of marketing, product, and engineering.

Over the past decade we’ve created hundreds of highly effective videos and campaigns for premium engineering brands like GE, L3Harris, SureFire, and Honeywell, as well as great medium-sized brands like J&R Manufacturing and Pneu-Con, and startups like Viridian Space and Aerodome among many others. 

Our proven D.O.C. process involves engaging with your engineers and experts, diving into their expertise and passion, and sculpting that into powerful videos that deliver strong, measurable results. See a small sample of our work below.